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The Spain Estate Consultancy  

                 International Residential & Commercial Property Consultancy

The Spain Estate Consultancy is an exclusive and independent property acquisition service for international property investors and corporate clients from UK, Germany and other countries. We help investors from abroad to buy or sell properties on the Costa del Sol As a full service real estate consultancy and buying agent we cover a wide range of disciplines, including residential sales and commercial sales.  

Our experience and knowledge of the Spanish property market can help you to find the right property. Based on your criteria we can find and make a preselection of properties that you are looking for. You don´t have to waste time going from one agency to another and you will have no wasted viewings. 
When you arrive in Spain you will get an personalised service in english. In order to ensure the most efficient property viewing experience, we would pick you up from the hotel and accompany you to show you the preselected properties. You just have to relax and enjoy your visit. The easy way to buy your new home.

Our complete service for private buyers is free of charge, commission or any other cost! Simple, free and time-saving!

We always try to find out which lifestyle you are looking for, if you are looking for a holiday home on the Costa del Sol or if you are looking for good investment opportunities. Depending on these and other criteria we will indicate the areas which would best suit your criteria. A typical estate agency is focused only in a small area and often pursue personal interests. We cover a wide area, what give us much more opportunities. Unlike other estate agencies with personal interests, we are fiercely independent, not owned by, or part of, any other agency. Our advice is always impartial. Our personal commitment to you, unquestionable. 

We provide independent real estate advisory and management services. This give us the opportunities through our extensive network to find the best properties and investments. Often before they are offered on the open market. This allow us to find and negociate the best prices for you. We offer a personalise english service during the entire property acquisition process from the beginning to the end while minimising time for the client. Simple, cost free and time-saving!

Would you like to have your own personal property finder? Please contact us for a non-obligatory consultation. We make dreams come true!


Málaga - Costa del Sol and Marbella: Phone: +34 650932668 

For corporate investors: 

Your independent real estate adviser in Spain. The easy way to buy your new dream home.

Our unique Property Care Service

We care about your house and make your life as an overseas landlord much easier.

Many of our clients enjoy the reassurance that their property is being well cared for while they are away, and is also ready for them when they arrive back, without incurring the significant costs of engaging a full-time housekeeper.

The benefits of our Full-Care Property Service includes:

·        Carrying out weekly inspections of your property, ensuring that everything is fine, reporting back to you regularly and fixing any problems as they should arise.

·        A 24 hour key holding service for access day or night in case of any emergencies and maintenance works required outside of normal working hours.

·        Collecting mail and check Envelope to inform you if it could be something urgent

·        Acting as your point of contact for suppliers, electricians, plumbers, gardener, cleaners and property furnisher on your behalf.

·        Paying bills and ensuring that any service charges are made on time.

·        There’s no place like home and we’ll make sure that when you arrive back it is ready and waiting for you – exactly as you’d like it. We can arrange cleaning and turning on the heating/air conditioning, your favourite wine and foodstuff to be already in your fridge and fresh flowers throughout your home. You don´t have to waste time and can enjoy your stay from the first minute. Because, time is waste it wisely...


Full-Care Property Service for only 250€ + VAT per month

Basic-Care Service for only 140€ +VAT per month                                                             (includes: Weekly inspections of the property, 24 hour key holding service for emergencies, collecting mail)

For further questions or if you would like to request our services, please contact us by email: or by Phone: 0034 650932668

If you are in Spain, we can visit you personally at home, for a non-obligatory consultation.  


Buying Off-Plan Properties at the Costa del Sol. More Information:

The end of the real estate crisis is particularly evident in the new construction activities in Marbella and the entire Costa del Sol. From villas to apartments everything is being rebuilt and the demand for new developments is very big. For the trend trend that many customers prefer modern, minimalist architecture of the traditional Mediterranean, leads to increased demand for modern apartments and villas, particularly in the area of ​​Marbella and Estepona.

This demand exceeds the current supply of new properties in modern style. If you are looking for a contemporary new development or villa in and around Marbella, you will have to deal with the interesting "off-plan properties". The purchase of a property which is still under construction or even only in the planning has a lot of advantages and only few disadvantages.


• You buy a property that meets the needs of modern lifestyle - design and materials meet the latest trends - bright materials, open ambience, large panoramic windows, contemporary design, etc.

• You still have the choice and can choose the best property for you in the residential complex.

• The new EU building regulation ensures a high quality standard. New buildings have a 10-year guarantee and the design and quality differences between the new apartments and the older apartments, is quite high.

• Since 70% of the purchase price is due on completion and transfer, you still have time to finance the property. In addition, the developer often offers, in cooperation with a bank, a mortgage for the buyers.

• There is no risk of purchasing off-plan today. All payments are secured by a bank with a bank guarantee for the buyer (is required by law). If, for some reason, the development is not terminated (which is actually impossible, as all apartments are sold before and the finance is secured), the buyer will be refunded by the bank for the paid amount + interest. So there is no risk. This is one of the reasons why off-plan properties have such high demand.


• You have to wait up to 16 months for your new property and you can not move in immediately.

• You need a certain imagination to imagine the finished apartment, or the finished house.

• Unfortunately, you can not wait for the purchase decision until the development will be completed, since all modern new buildings are sold out long before completion.

The explanation for this is that the demand for modern quality buildings is much higher than the supply. Because of the good weather (300 days of sunshine a year and the many golf courses etc), the demand from all over Europe is very high. At the Costa del Sol we have a agglomeration of buyers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Holland, England, Switzerland, Germany etc. So from all countries, where it is cold and people wants to stay in the sunny south. Therefore, the only way to buy a good quality apartment is to buy off-plan and you can not wait until the apartments are finished. This high demand also guarantees rising prices in the future, which is also very interesting for investors. In most cases, the prices for the newly built apartments have already risen by about 20% once finished. 





About "The Spain Estate Consultancy"

Bernardino Antunez is the Founder and Managing Director of The Spain Estate Consultancy  and speaks four languages: German, English, Spanish and Italian.       He grew up in Germany where he finished his Business Studies and worked for some big multinational companies such as Siemens Business Services, Audi and Inditex. He has 10 years experience advising on business solutions to Investors within Europe before he made the move into real estate. He has worked in the Barcelona and Costa del Sol property market for 10 years. Dino is highly experienced in property finding for some of the most exacting Investors and international property buyers.

Dino Antunez has worked for developers and within one of the big four estate agents, before setting up The Spain Estate Consultancy. Having worked in agency and for investors in Spain has helped to have a comprehensive knowledge of the Spanish property market and a network of agency contacts, landlords, developers and investors that are in regular contact with him.

He realized the need of international property buyers to receive advice in his own language to find the right property in Spain:                                                        "Many of our clients are business people they just do not have the time to go from one agency to another and waste time, because they have to attend their business at home. The lack of time of many buyers, was the idea to create this „we find your dream home” -service for this kind of international property buyers". His dedication has created loyalty and trust amongst his clients, some of which are from all around the world.  

© The Spain Estate Consultancy                                                We make dreams come true......